John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

6 judgments against the Defendant - Sheldon


Patrick v. Sheldon (7); Victoria; 1864.01 No. of Plaint – 1012 Stemmler v. Sheldon No. of Plaint – 1002 Cowther v. Sheldon No. of Plaint – 1019 Turner v. Sheldon No. of Plaint – 1151 Force v. Sheldon No. of Plaint – 1154 Haggin v. Sheldon No. of Plaint – 1422 (6) Summons; list of debts - the Plaintiffs had all received judgments against the Defendant for various amounts of money by the court. The debts remain unsatisfied by the Defendant, Mary Sheldon. The Summons all indicate that if the debts are not satisfied within a certain amount of time, the goods and chattels of the Defendant will be sold in order to satisfy the debts. The list indicates the amounts owed by Sheldon to the various parties involved in causes with her.

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