John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

R. v. Quamish (9 docs); Charged with murder; 1865/02/00


Indictment of Quamish; murder of Charley; 1865/02/01 Indictment of Quamish; murder of Jim; 1865/02/02 Recognisance of bail; signed by A. Pemberton; 1865/02/03 Deposition of Horace Coffin; 1865/02/04 Affidavit of W.H. Franklyn; Nanaimo magistrate; 1865/02/05 Information & complaint; Francis Harmetomel describing murder of crew of Schooner Thorndyke; 1865/02/06 Information & complaint; Horace Coffin, master of schooner; 1865/02/07 Deposition of Tom; a Comox Indian; 1865/02/08 Deposition of Deerskin; native; 1865/02/09

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