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R.v.Kim Foo &Ah Soo (9 doc); Charged with receiving stolen goods; 1866/12/00


Indictment of Kim Foo et al; Verdict not guilty; 1866/12/01 Recognisance of bail; 1866/12/02 Affidavit of A. Pemberton; 1866/12/03 Information & complaint; Of A. Taylor; 1866/12/04 Affidavit of J. Pemberton; 1866/12/05 Deposition of Harry Wilmer; 1866/12/06 Information & complaint; of Harry Wilmer; 1866/12/07 Statement of evidence; of A. Taylor; 1866/12/08 Affidavit of A. Pemberton; 1866/12/09

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