John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

R. v. Shil-ha-hum (7 docs); Charged with murder; 1868/03/00


Indictment of Shil-ha-hum; a Cowichan Indian for murder of Kal-lat-sealt; 1868/03/01 Affidavit to postpone trial; 1868/03/02 Deposition of Robert Bishop; defence lawyer of accused 1868/03/03 Deposition of Bill; a Quamichan Indian; 1868/03/04 Deposition of Ka-sit-ston; 1868/03/05 Depositions of Si-quall, See-Sy-ill-watt, Mut-tuts; Indian women; 1868/03/06 Deposition of Shil-ha-hum; the accused; 1868/03/07

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