John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

R. v. Ah Sam (15 docs); Charged with stabbing with intent; 1871/03/00


Indictment of Ah Sam for stabbing with intent; verdict guilty; sentence $200 fine; 1871/03/01 of witnesses; 1871/03/02 Affidavit of A.Pemberton; re evidence of R. McMillan; 1871/03/03 Information & complaint of R. McMillan, 1871/03/04 Deposition of Ah Sam; all depositions witnessed by A. Pemberton; 1871/03/05 Deposition of Ah Hoon; 1871/03/06 Deposition of H. Courtenay; with m/s drawing of scene of crime; 1871/03/07 Deposition of Hing Yoon; 1871/03/07 Deposition of Shu Haw; 1871/03/08 Deposition of Wah; 1871/03/09 Deposition of San Quay; 1871/03/10 Deposition of Ah Soo; 1871/03/11 Deposition of Kum Shin; 1871/03/12 Deposition of Ah Moon; 1871/03/13 Deposition of Ah Sam; 1871/03/14

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