John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

R. v. Simmonds (10 docs); Charged with assault; 1876/01/00


Indictment for assault of Maggie, an Indian girl; trial was stopped because judge recommended more serious charge of rape; Victoria; 1876/01/01 Indictment for rape of Maggie; verdict guilty; sentence 7 years with hard labour; 1876/01/02 Information of Maggie; a Songhish Indian girl; 1876/01/03 Deposition of Maggie; 1876/01/04 Deposition of Thos. Lindsay; Victoria constable; 1876/01/05 Deposition of PeterWilliams; 1876/01/06 Deposition of Jack; a Songhish Indian; 1876/01/07 Deposition of Mary; a Songhish Indian; 1876/01/08 Deposition of Marc Walton; 1876/01/09 Affidavit of H. Courtenay; 1876/01/10

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