John Keenlyside Legal Research Collection

R. v. Jim & Nequalia (21 doc); Charged with murder; 1866/01/00


Indictment of Jim, an Indian & Nequalia, an Indian woman; the murder of Edmund Urin; verdict not guilty; 1866/01/01 Commitment of Jim for murder; signed by A. Pemberton; 1866/01/02 Commitment of Nequalia for accessory to murder; signed by A. Pemberton; 1866/01/03 Recognisance of bail to witnesses; 1866/01/04 Deposition of Patrick Ferrall; 1866/01/05 Information & complaint of Patrick Ferrall; 1866/01/06 Deposition of Tom; a New Westminster Indian; 1866/01/07 Deposition of Allen Francis; 1866/01/08 Deposition of Dr. J.C. Davie; 1866/01/09 Deposition of A. Browning; 1866/01/10 Deposition of J. Wooster; 1866/01/11 Deposition of T. O‟Connor; 1866/01/12 Deposition of Stemloh; a New Westminster Indian; 1866/01/13 Deposition of J. McCarthy; 1866/01/14 Deposition of Peter; a New Westminster Indian; 1866/01/15 Deposition of Sapple Jack; a New Westminster Indian; 1866/01/16 Deposition of Jim, alias Quay-much-than; a Songhish Indian; 1866/01/17 Deposition of Jim; the accused; 1866/01/18 Affidavit of A. Pemberton; stipendiary magistrate, Victoria; 1866/01/19 Deposition of Tim, recalled; 1866/01/20 Information & complaint; of Patrick Ferrall; 1866/01/21

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