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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

[Letter from Ethel Johns to Anna D. Wolf] Johns, Ethel 1948-05-24

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 Main Hursea Home
Johns UoJLiins Hospital
B&ltiraore* Md#
Dear Hi** Wolf,
Wxi& letter will acknowledge yours of llay 1? in which the follo-.vlaj instructions
are given am*
1* I *M to i      aaetln^ of dm Editorial Coxmztittee to be held in the Historical Library, on Wednesdayt June 16$  at 2*50 $#&* at which I am to review Wjf  procedure in the
collection of date for the proposed History*
2* .Previous to this meeting I M to submit to you for review a schematic outline of the
contort of the proposed History*
3* A  copy of the tentative ptggestions that I made ^to the President of the Alium&e Asso**
elation*1 concerning the possible functions of the 3d i to rial Conmtlttee is to be submitted
to you*
She instructions embodied in item 1 will*        » he m tith* In respo&ae to
item 2, I m  enclosing tin    h draft of a proli iaary outline vfeleh had already bei3n
submit    • the chairman of the History Committee* A revised and amplified version of
this outline will bo prepared la Miss fe# submission at the forthcoi.'      tg of the
Editorial Coxasittee*     £§ to be some mi;;" iii&erftaffidlng dth respect to item 3*
The  suggestions war* not aa&t to "the President of the Alumnae AssoeiatiM** but to the
chairman of the History Committee* A verbatim copy of them is attached*
I m obliged to return to Canada not later than June 20 and cannot undertake to do more
then complete the c sion and preliminary classification of the naes of isaterial viiloh
is already available* The  method i    'oaehlflg vac  otiMMP ^otantial sources of informa-
tioa mentioned in your letter therefore dooa not call for any co&zaent on siy part*
Tour* vox?/ si;:coroly
Ethel Johns


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