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[Letter, Napier, Francis, Baron Napier and Ettrick to Florence Nightingale, September 1, 1871] Napier, Francis, Baron Napier and Ettrick, 1891-1898 Sep 1, 1871

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 Fern Hill. Ootacamund Sept. 1/71 My dear Miss Nightingale, It is a great while since I had the honour of addressing you and I beg you will not believe that my silence infers my want of respect or regard for you or my relaxation of interest in the matters that belong to your domain. Since I wrote to you, perhaps nearly two years ago, there has been a cold gale of economy passing over the land which has blighted some good projects. I don't complain of economy. It was really necessary. There had been too much expenditure & sometimes mistaken expenditure. It was necessary to pull up. Naturally in reactions of this sort injustice is done to the cause, & the objects for which extravagance has occurred. Such injustice we have seen in India. But patience & silence rectify many things and it is our duty to do what we can with reduced means. Although we have been poor we have not been entirely idle. The local funs bills which are now law, and which are being gradually carried into execution sanction the application of local taxation to every purpose of public health, -----presenter & remedial agency, either directly by departmental agency, or in the form of grants in aid to free agencies. The results of this will be a rapid development of minor sanitary works and of financial dispensaries.As a matter of fact there is generally a great improvement, I think in the Hospitals in Inns and Country. Three medical -------- America & English are going excellent work with govt assistance. The Special Hospital for European & East Indian women & children begins to wear a civilized appearance. The Native Infirmary & Hospital called Monegar Choultry has been almost entirely rebuilt by private subscriptions, and refurnished. The Leper Hospital is completed and rendered much more agreeable to its inmates, the Lunatic Asylum is finished. The projected establishment for the education of nurses has broken down by the denial of funds by the govt of India but a class of nurses has been instituted in the General Hospital, the candidates being taken for the women entertained as pupils at the Lying-In Hospital and mature women being educated as midwives at the Medical Mission at Arcot with govt assistance under Dr Scudder. The water supply scheme for Madras will supply it, first flow in January next. The reservoirs are made, the channels are ready, only the iron pipes for street & institution are not in place yet – I sent as a contribution to your Sanitary Library the handbook for the use of our nurses which has just been printed under the orders of D. Balfour, the inspector general. Lady Napier begs to be recalled kindly to your memory & I remain ever yours truly, Napier I may add that the works of a better water supply scheme for this Sanitarium are just finished and that I have had a sluice inserted at the foot of the Lake by which I can let off the water to the depth of 8 ft and clean out all the shallows & edges. The Lake is about 2 miles long & an eighth of a mile broad. The lake receives much of sewage of the Inn.


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