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[Letter, Rosalind Nash to Florence Nightingale, September 26, 1892] Nash, Rosalind Nightingale Sep 26, 1892

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 York Hill Loughton Essex 26 Sept. 1892   Dear Aunt Florence, I am sending you by this post a Daily Chronicle with a review (or the first part of one) which we have written on the book about industrial health which I mentioned to you.  It came out earlier than we expected without our seeing proofs, or I should have written to you about it before it came out.  Vaughan will post you tonight proofs of the second part, which I wish it had been possible to talk over with you.  It proposes (1) the periodical furnishing of statistics of trade disease and trade mortality by his medical officers Р(so as to make it possible to trace the effect on health of industrial changes & of factory legislation & to show where reform is wanted.) (2) the appointment of a small permanent commission of experts (medical, sanitary, scientific & mechanical) to advise the Home Secretary as to how to put into operation the change in the new factory acts enabling him to deal with dangerous & unhealthy trades. We hear that the Home Office is inclined to do something to make labour legislation effective, and we are proposing to the Chronicle to get a correspondence started arising out of the review.  The Chronicle is looked to as an authority on labour matters, & if public interest can be raised in the matter, it will give a justification to whatever the Home Office is inclined to do. We shall perhaps do a little inquiring into one or two specially unhealthy trades to keep the idea going. Of course the proposals are quite sketchy, but I do not see why it should not come to something РI think it will.  I know the statistical question wd. interest you, and I thought perhaps you might be inclined to write to the Chronicle and say something about it or any part of the affair.  The end of the review will now come out tomorrow and Vaughan will tonight try to arrange about starting a correspondence.  Don't trouble about it.  I wouldn't suggest it, but that I think it is a thing after your own heart. We are quite settled down to work now, & I think we shall get through a good deal.  We have some very interesting things in prospect. Please excuse a pencil.  I am writing in the train. I hope that things at Claydon are well. Your loving Rosalind Nash


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