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[Letter, Louisa, Grand Duchess of Baden to Florence Nightingale, April 12, 1879] Luise, Grand Duchess, consort of Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden, 1838-1923 Apr 12, 1879

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 Louise, Grand Duchess of Baden 12. 8 .79 Dearest Miss Nightingale, I shall ever remember my visit to you as one of those moments coming directly out of God's hand and leading men's hearts up to him in truefelt thankfulness. Let me no more speak about it - it belongs to those things which bear in themselves a sanctuary & which many words do not make any holier or better but rather take away from the wonderful high and bright light from above in which luck courts Him into one's heart and soul, just like a bright summer morning, pure and holy! I can only add this one word: I thank you, and I thank God! Being so near I wanted to send a few trifling publications I would not have enclosed if far off. This one is one of the letters we write to our nurses now and then, every three months or four months according to events in the course of time. I am ashamed that this last one only just received yesterday speaks a great deal too much of myself. (?) a happily! I know that I do not write this, wishing to be told by you that this paper speaks well or right, I may go on without further notice. The (?) is one number of the little pamphlet or better monthly or halfmonthly papers published by our society for the sake of (privacy?) to our 80 or (more?) committees spread all over the count(r)y, the (?) of (?) fully united to the centre as of (?) told about their doings, about our schools, about everything belonging to the acting of our committees. The last not least, but better the first, is a short recount of the life of one who was very dear to me and whose unalterable faithful love and devotion has (?) my life for the last 22 years. She was a English woman the nurse of my three children and one of those persons whose heart proved to be but love, self-abnegation & devotion to the lives of others. I have just begun a book which would I feel (?) afford great interest to you it is: L'enfance à Paris from le Comte d'Haussonville. Many thanks for the Children's hospital (?) (?) (?)precious gift coming from you! And now good bye, dear Miss Nightingale and may I hope to hear that you are a little better and stronger! Toujours Truly devoted Louise Eastbourne Claremont hotel Apr 12/1879


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