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[Letter, Sir John Lawrence, Baron to Florence Nightingale, December 28, 1877] Lawrence, John Laird Mair, 1811-1879 Dec 28, 1877

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 28th December 1877 Dear Miss Nightingale I beg to acknowledge your kind letter of the 29th. Henry Cunningham did not leave any papers with us for you, but his sister Miss C. gathered up all the loose things wh. he left about his rooms & undertook to dispose of them according to his instructions. My wife will write to her & ascertain if any such papers as you describe have turned up & what has become of them. I do this as a matter of precaution but I doubt if the enquiry will prove successful, because being a good woman of business, had she found them, she wd. have sent them to you. There is however one chance for you, & that is that he may have taken them with him, in which case they will probably be on their way to you from Brindisi. As it happened while this note was being written Mr. Ed. Prinsep walked in, & I asked him if he would like to have the honor of being introduced to you. He of course replied in the affirmative. If therefore you would like to see him, please fix the day & hour & I will arrange that he shall call upon you - he is a pleasant gentlemanly fellow, full of information of all kinds especially as regards India. Entre nous he is not a good man of business, tho. of excellent ability - a first rate linguist & full of sympathy with the natives of India. Yours sincerely Lawrence Dear Miss Nightingale I have written this in the rough from my husband's dictation & in great haste, so pray pardon erasures & Believe me Yrs. very si'ly A? Lawrence


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