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[Letter, Sir Andrew Clark to Florence Nightingale, March 18, 1877] Clark, Andrew, 1826-1893 Mar 18, 1877

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 16, Cavendish Square, W. 18 March 1877   Dear Miss Nightingale, I saw and examined your probationer Nurse Owen who has discharged her duty to Sir Harry with exceptional intelligence, with watchfulness, judgment, and an unassuming quiet and orderly kindness which merits much praise. РShe is delicate by inheritance on the side of the chest; but she has no disease of the lungs or of any other organ; & I see no reason why with due care as to diet air & exercise she should not continue her work & maintain her health.  Her present symptoms arise from a cold & from indigestion of the large bowel Рcolonic indigestion as I call it. Owen ought to have a little exercise on foot daily; to avoid strong tea to drink little tea of any strength; to eat plenty of staple wholesome food with little or no stimulants, to clothe warmly; & to treat every cold as a serious thing. I should like to see her again in a fortnight when she may want a little further help.  As she will have left Sir Harry then she may come here any morning after one. You already know all the good news about Sir Harry.  The fever has quite gone, the constitutional strength is returning, the damage done to the left lung is already largely repaired, there is every prospect of a speedy and complete restoration to health.  A month hence I shall be surprised if, beyond a little weakness, any vestige of his great trouble should remain. Believe me with much respect Yours sincerely (?) Clark


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