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[Letter, Josephine E. Butler to Florence Nightingale, June 5, 1877] Butler, Josephine Elizabeth Grey, 1828-1906 Jun 5, 1877

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 280 South Hill Park Road Liverpool My dear Madam Your letter received yesterday has filled me with thankfulness. We are indeed grateful to you for your name for the Committee of Honour at the Geneva Congress. I send you the latest Edition of the Statistics of the Congress & shall be glad to give you any further information you may desire. We have some honourable names of people of all countries, on the Committee of Honour. You shall have the list shortly. And now I beg that you will without hesitation tell me whether what I am about to propose is too much; i e that you should grant us a brief paper, or even a letter for the Congress. We have papers, of course, as for the Social Science Congress. Professor Stuart of Cambridge showed me one day, in the Fitzwilliam Library at Cambridge your testimony given, or a protest made by you, many years ago, before a committee on our question, in which you spoke of your experience in the East, & of the dreadful practice of telling off a certain number of (women?) in the army - This evidence, written out with a few words from yourself added, saying what you have now said twice, - that experience confirms you each year in the opinion you held so long ago - and signed by yourself, would be most valuable at Geneva; your account & your further testimony signed account, would have much weight, & be of very great interest. My son has charge of the papers which are in course of preparation. If you should consent to this, would you kindly send what you have to send us, to his care. George Grey Butler Esq 257 Brompton Road South Kensington. London But do not let me ask anything which [Vertical text]: would cost you too painful an effort. [Vertical text]: I remain dear Madam yours gratefully JE Butler


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