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[Letter, William Edward Nightingale to Florence Nightingale, March 19, 1857] Nightingale, William Edward Mar 19, 1857

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 March 19/57 Embley - day after a meeting at Southton to name 2 candidates for S.H. - & why trouble you with this affair? - why simply because they had well nigh carried me on their backs will I, will I to their Polling Booths - well-a day. Were life as good at 3 score & 10 as it should be, seeing that all its Experiences are then only just beginning to tell, I had certainly been a parliament man from this June & this all along of your (potentiality?) in my (cause?), the cheer was worthy of the Crimean cheer when I was entreated to let my hand be brought forward "for what name was there that could ensure success, like wd the Name of Nightingale" & so forth. Well hope in my retreat I am given to some sorrowful thoughts & you shall be my comforter. First, to think, that of myself I could earn no reputation. that is- whether physically or mentally incapacitated I've been left behind in the race & now at my eleventh hour!! I shd be offered that which I could not but decline & who do you think is chosen (?) (?) in the Council of War (named?) Lord Ashley than young (?), young C. (West?) - mere striplings - young (?) (?-?) & others - (some?) would do - & as we were about to name a Committee to fix on a man, (says?) Bonham-Carter of my (?) will do (you?) any good, he shall stand and fall as the case may be - accepted by acclamation - so much for a name - Bonham-Carter will be remembered even in his ashes. Your (our) poor acquaintance (Dutter?) has been running after me all yesterday in the Train & out of the Train. I've told him he (?) embarked in a Tory boat & he must find a (?) but he must not pull me into the swamp. He was cock-a-hoop, but is now left silly in his talk, now that things look serious. I've put old (?) on his last legs, the poor critter had continually promised a vote to the Tory!! the solitary (Dissenter?), in truth (?) (so?) (?) & (Dutton?) will have a tough battle I believe, (?) played his part well (his grandfather fought this county in 2 contests). (Jack?) (Carter?) exhibited himself somewhat against (Taste?) in what he spoke - but he was a good tactician in his way of suggesting Henry Bonham-Carter, & if the 2 Tories are Cast, it will be a very glorious performance. Alas poor Dutton, he is a foolish man talking bombast calling himself Lord of many (?) and manager of a great Commercial concern (rail travel) Poor Cholmondeley! a downcast Evangelical! but to return to my Text - where am I in my thoughts. I'm with you and you only, you my only Genius! you might have been prompter and my supporter in political life but ho! it is clearly written in the book of fate, the outgoing tenant of life must go away to make room for the incoming tenants Your position is not made good till mine is become bad. The weekly canvassing would have annihilated me Off the week? of course ? wd. have done it more effectually - shall we have a H. of Commons in the next life? I never could have prevailed even with you at my back in this "(?)" world - Thomas Evans says that Stanhope & Clowes are put (?) by (?) (?) & that (?) is now rejected altogether by (?) Tories, but stands. how am I to divide myself twixt Herbert on one side & 2 relatives on the other sides (&?) (?) (?) will vote to a man "Wyndham and Herbert" (?) (?) S.H. adieu. my child


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