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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Vaughan Nash, April 24, 1897] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Apr 24, 1897

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  INITIALLED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO MR. VAUGHAN NASH DATED APRIL 24, 1897, DARK PENCIL with envelope, stamped cancelled April 24 97: Vaughan Nash Eq 7 The Mount Hampstead N.W. 24/4/97 Private [WRITTEN DIAGONALLY] April 24/97 10, SOUTH STREET, PARK LANE. W. [printed address] My dear adversary, comrade & "learned friend" You cannot tell how it irks me to decline an invitation from you of all people. [I have had many e.g. from Miss Freeman, Mrs. Chant & others] And one cannot disengage oneself from the classic ghosts of one's youth who all invite & beckon one on, nor even from the War of Independence. But alas! one knows Greeks & Cretans, so different now -- You know, of course, as well as, perhaps better than me, the arguments on the opposite side to your own -- to which I, unfortu- nately for me, adhere. I will not therefore detain you or waste your own time, or mine, with detailing them. What I say now is meant not for arguments Private {WRITTEN DIAGONALLY} but only for remarks -- The women Nurses sent to Greece & Crete were the most disorganized, untrained females that could be found. They will either get our trained Nursing into disgrace or what is worse still, be considered as the heroines of our production, its types. 2. The retiring American Ambassador said to me: You Europeans have not the least idea of what an European war would be now, with your Long-range guns carrying 6 miles, your Maxims & Gatlings, & above all your Iron clads which on a fine day in peace can sink by mistake one of their own fleet. Again I say, I can hardly forgive myself -- you may forgive me but I cannot -- for not joining you, you whom I esteem & love -- Your letter to me last night was quite a shock to me ever yours & Rosalind's affectionately fLORENCE NIGHTINGALE 


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