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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to (unknown), May 13, 1893] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 May 13, 1893

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 SIGNED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO AN OLD FRIEND, MAY 13, 1893, PEN Mrs Sutherland, typed copy in 45758 ff320-22 [unid friend 1:549-50] [8:606-07] May 13/93 10, SOUTH STREET, PARK LANE. W. [printed address] Dearest ever dearest old friend I was so glad to hear from you. So often I think of you, & hope that you are happy, you who have so done your duties in love. And thank you for remembering your old friend's poor old birth-day & your dear kind note. I am glad if you are able to go to your sister's & to Edinburgh. You say you like to hear of our "family events". You know perhaps that Rosalind, Shore's elder daughter, married last June a man, Mr. Nash, who has every thing to recommend him except money. They have taken a small house at 12/ a week to the East of the East of London -- where they are enormously busy -- Workshops -- visiting all sorts of trades -- & writing about them. They travel all over Scotland, England, & are now in Ireland on the same quest. They telegraphed to me from Donegal on my birth-day. If Rosalind had but health! They were married at Embley. Shore was very ill in [1:518-19] June in London, & quite unable to go to the marriage. He has never recovered that illness, tho' a great deal better; but he still has a Trained Nurse -- & Sam, the elder boy, who is a Doctor, still lives temporarily with them to take care of him medically. They are now at Embley till they can let the place -- Shore's wife & Barbara are, of course, included in "they". They describe the place as being most beautiful Lea Hurst continues let. [end 1:519] Arthur Clough was [1:560] married the other day to a delightful person, Miss Freshfield, daughter of the Traveller. I hope they have every prospect of happiness. His mother was delighted with the marriage. I have always seen a great deal of Arthur. But I have not seen him since his marriage engagement. For my Doctor has strictly forbidden my seeing any body I could help. [end 1:560] For the last 4 1/2 months (you kindly ask after me) I have been almost entirely [2] confined to bed -- & sometimes hardly able to move. But I am better. I saw Sir Harry Verney the other day. He is in his 92nd year. But he came up to town like a young 'un. I think am sure he enjoys life. His buoyancy is as great as ever. I venture to send you a Report of what we did at Claydon last year. It is not a sinecure being at Claydon. And now dearest dearest old friend, thank you again & again for all you have ever done for me, & for our faithful friendship -- never changeable -- never forgotten ever yours F. Nightingale Our Sanitary & Nursing affairs are up & down. Princess Christian's scheme for the Registration of Nurses is a great misfortune. People call the decline of life a going down hill. But surely it is a going UP on the contrary. I had forgotten to mention Sanitation in India. I think it is making progress, tho' slow. But it is such a large subject. Chicago -- At their request I have written a paper on Health-Nursing & Sick Nursing -- But eyes & hands are failing me now. The Empress Frederick, full of cleverness, came to see me. She is very pathetic -- such a great career manquée. The Shore Smiths have taken the name of Nightingale.


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