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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Vaughan Nash, October 12, 1896] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Oct 12, 1896

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 SIGNED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO MR. VAUGHAN NASH, PEN Cisterns } Water-supply } Oct. 12/96 E. end } 10, SOUTH STREET, PARK LANE. W. [printed address] My dear Mr. Vaughan I have had, Sir Douglas Galton's answer since Sept.28. But we have been so driven by business. His answer not very satisfactory "NO DOUBT the constant supply is the preferable supply, but it must be always on. Otherwise some receptacles are necessary "WE have never had it in Chester Street. "Have you? {"In sanitation as in most things in this life we must often do what is most expedient, not what is really best."] "Have you?" To this I answered we have it -- & wrote Oct 4/96 an explanation & asked advice He answered, after some delay, doubting whether the "constant supply" was on "day & night" & strongly recommending supply direct from main to sinks but not to filter Abolish filter & drink direct from main, which is the best filter -- Filter often spoils your water -- in which I concur. I can often taste from the filtered water what decidedly wants filtering -- {I would gladly send you this part of the correspondE, if it would be of any use to your East Enders} apologizing for my delay which cannot be apologized for -- otherwise than by necessity My compliments to the large young gentleman & best love to their dear Mama -- also to Mr. Louis Vaughan -- ever yours F. Nightingale  


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