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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, November 2, 1881] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Nov 2, 1881

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 SIGNED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO MADAME MOHL, NOVEMBER 2, 1881, PEN AND PENCIL Lea Hurst Cromford: Derby Nov 2/81 Dearest ever dearest Mme Mohl How can I ever forget you? I stand in the Rue Du Bac 120 now at this moment as much as if I were really there in the body with him & you -- nay, I think, much more. Yes, yes, we shall all be friends & "acquaintances" as you say in that other world where we shall be after such much worthier objects than here -- objects which will satisfy even him who was, as it seemed to me, always in search of God (oh how I miss him! second only to you) in search of God in every thing deep, as philosophy, in every thing loving & kind, as the genius of friendship that he was, as you would say, in every thing perfect -- ah not to be found here -- in administration -- how far, how far from it -- but above all in the history of God. The Persian Shah-Nameh did not satisfy him. He wanted to read the history of God in all the traces of the ancient religions. Now he is doing it -- but in how far, far more perfect a way. Do you know my heart leaps for joy when I think of his joy in action now -- tho' not a day passes that I do not feel I have lost in him my last, best friend. O yes, you will see him again: how can it be otherwise when he loved you so. It does me good to think of it. You know I think the love between him & you is like the ark which passed thro' the river Jordan, without wetting a fringe, sweeping back all the rushing waters of difficulties & of trials, & enabling them to pass through the dark flooded river on dry land to the beautiful country O how much greater miracles there are now than then. And how ridiculous & even stupid & even hateful are the miracles (so called) of the Old Testament compared with the real miracles which God works now. Yes, we will meet next year either in this world or another. Always overworked by work beyond me -- that is the worst -- but ever & always your old Flo. [contd in pencil] What is death but a laying down of the system of our physical relations here to resume it elsewhere? O what [2] joy to some to lay them down & go to better errands by & bye -- what joy to him who has them already! but what joy to him to see you again But oh if I may say so don't let any bitter feeling towards others come between you & him who never had any bitter feelings. True love overcomes these things. He overcame. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Address me in London.


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