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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to T.G. Hewlett, January 25, 1889] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jan 25, 1889

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 SIGNED partial LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO T.G. HEWLETT, JANUARY 25, 1889, PEN the fore-going All this is Strictly Private ----------------------------------------- 4. Is there any use in my writing to Mr. Runchorelal at Ahmedabad again? (not to tell him that the I.O. will do nothing) P.S. It is said that a Parsee Doctor at Ahmedabad prompts all his letters -- -- not that this at all affects the matter -- 5. Would you kindly look out for the Bombay Govt Gazette which will shortly publish the (approved) Bill on "Bombay Village Sanitation" & give me notice of the NO? You will probably also see it in native papers. Will you kindly tell me? fLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Strictly Private 2 "that he was intervening on "some private representation" 2. I am afraid, re Army Sany Comm:, that the I.O. accept as an final the W.O.'s abolition of the A.S.C. They are however "putting before "S. of S." "about arrangements "in loco Sutherland". 3. Lord Dufferin promised that the Sany Dept should not be curtailed in Bombay or in India. They are setting him aside in this as in some other things. I seem to have nothing but bad news Excuse delay -- } We have in sending bad news} had a heavy loss in our family which breaks up a home -- And Sir Harry Verney has again been very ill & I much hurried & very anxious. Pray believe me ever sincerely yours F. Nightingale 25/1/89 T.G. Hewlett Esq.


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