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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to (unknown), October 7, 1888] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Oct 7, 1888

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 PRIVATE Claydon Ho: Winslow: Buck Oct 7/88 My dear Sir I wrote immediately to ask your question (I am as anxious as yourself that every thing should be done that can be done) as to what you might be "permitted" to say to Sir James Peile -- & put on the Envelope "Immediate "Please forward". Scarcely any one seems in London yet to stay. They seem to come up two or three times a week for work I scarcely hope for an answer before Tuesday. 2. I think you might certainly "apply to Dr. Sutherland for a "certificate". But he is so infirm & suffering now that he intends to answer & often does not. Perhaps he will dictate it to Mrs. Sutherland at all events he should be "applied to". [Some months ago, he wrote me a letter, to be used officially, if I found occasion, recommending you as his successor in the Army San: Comm: -- But that has not been re-organized yet!] His address is Oakleigh Alleyn Park Dulwich London S.E. 3. Certainly: I would also "write to Sir H. Acland" -- But he has gone a voyage to New York (& back) for his health. He will be back on the 23RD. He was here last month & much better -- & intends setting to his work again at Oxford courageously. 4. Yes: I will try & "write something" for you (I could not say enough) if you think it will be of the least use to with Mr. "Ritchie" -- tho' I think it presuming. -------------------- Yes, indeed: I wish the Village Conservancy Bill could be submitted to you in the Draft -- Could you not ask Sir R. West yourself, or ask Sir J. Peile to ask him? It is mere common sense -- no favour -- Pray believe me how kind of you to offer.


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