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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to (unknown), September 11, 1894] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Sep 11, 1894

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 UNSIGNED PARTIAL LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO VAUGHAN NASH, DATED SEPTEMBER 11, 1894 DARK PENCIL, [Goldie has a letter Sept 10] see draft letter, 45795 ff202-03 and earlier draft ff197-201 V.N. Sept 11/94 With regard to the all important question of funds, this is the way it is managed in the Village Unions in the Madras PresY see RS 556/94 No 8 of 1894 have heard I do not know anything at present of the funds for the Bengal experiment. The Zemindary system of course alters every thing there. T.O. IV. There is one curious as you know difficulty to be noted which separates Indian affairs from English. In Bombay Presy especially all the dirty work, the removal of refuse, cattle dung & human is done by the lower castes, (the higher castes, especially the Brahmin will not touch it) the Mhars & the Mangs & an even lower caste, the only one which will remove human excretion -- We The B They were paid by lands appropriated to them -- by a handful levich [?] in kind from each householder who gave it gladly -- all managed by the Village itself. The British Raj thought it in his passion for centralization, was doing a very fine thing in abolishing all this which has never been destroyed restored. The lower castes have gone away -- into the jungle or elsewhere & cannot be recalled -- The villagers must pay persons of low caste to do these jobs -- so that it can hardly be said now with entire truth that the villagers could do all these things for themselves


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