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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to (T.G. Hewlett?), January 24, 1889] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jan 24, 1889

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 SIGNED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO T.G. HEWLETT, JANUARY 24, 1889, PEN Dictated [WRITTEN DIAGONALLY IN THE TOP LEFT HAND CORNER] 10. South Street Park Lane 24th. Jan. 1889. My dear Sir I was very much obliged to you for your two successive letters giving me important in- formation, both about the threatened curtailment of the Sanitary department in Bombay, and yet more about the Army Sanitary Commission. I will write further about these; in the mean- time, may I ask you what news you have of the Famine, or the scarcity, said to be im- pending in India? Yours faithfully [WRITTEN BY FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE:] F Nightingale Private Have you any news of the result of your letter to Sir Ralph Thompson at the W.O.? I should like very much to see a copy of it, as you kindly offer. Strictly Private I have this bad news from the I.O. "Two points I wished "to get the S. of S. to notice "in writing to India -- I "found it not practicable, "as there was no basis "for his action -- viz. the "Ahmedabad scheme, & the "Bombay rebuke of Mr. Hewlett. "The S. of S. must not do evil "that good may come, & "it would be evil if he "did (which he would not) "intervene where no "report from India gave "him constitutional ground, "& where it would be manifest


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