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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to (unknown), March 3, 1886] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Mar 3, 1886

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 A.60 UNSIGNED DRAFT about Mme Mohl -- NO SALUTATION, MARCH 3, 1886 DARK PENCIL [8:600-01] 9089/17 [About March 3/86] And to you who knew her, how She had not had never a grain breath or half a breath of "acting" "posing" or of "edifying" in her presentation of herself -- not even where such it would have been almost desirable -- such like words when they came are pregnant -- they meant what they said -- They gave a key to herself. For the same reason, no one ever had such influence in forming others' characters as Mme. Mohl, except M Mohl, because her influence wa came from what she was -- & there was not a point that was hollow in her whole conformation Mother Mohl was always undressed -- naked in full view. A little clothing wd have been decent. She was always `au naturel' -- but refinement. Both M & Mme so intangible like spirits you can't write their memoirs. like great actors (they never acted) they leave nothing fixed behind But they formed characters like Savonarola Siege of Khartoum 1884 can alone be likened to Siege of Florence 1530 highest Truth not pain but joy -- impossible to put the highest Truth into memoirs of theirs -- never painful M. Mohl, the greatest lover of Truth that is why he wrote so little -- there was so much more to be known [illeg] [7:344] Did I tell you how much her stay in Venice interested her in the cause of Italian freedom? I suppose it must have been during this journey and that that part of the diary -- which she would have valued most -- is lost. She told me how refugees came & asked to be taken out of Venice on their carriage & they did help some to escape in this way. Her feeling about Italian freedom was without the critical caution of her other political views but they seemed to reappear in her admiration of Cavour rather than Mazzini or Garibaldi which she often expressed to me.


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