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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Sir Henry Yule, December 16, 1889] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Dec 16, 1889

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 towards man is understood to be ? understood that the Glory of God in His Goodness. There where joy shall ? upon you as a flood. Farewell, dear honoured, revered friend: fare you very, very well. Brother, I bid you now farewell but meet you there in the everlasting arms of Almighty Goodness as far as I can in my poor state. Where I would fain have seen you once more. But this is a happiness I must resign. And I will not dwell to you now on how we shall miss you & Mr Stanhope spoke to me so affectionately of you the other day – not knowing that you were worse in health. Dec 16/89. We don't know what we shall do without you. My dear Sir Henry Yule I only heard this morning of your increased illness, so sad & grievous to all your friends who love & revere honour you with the tenderest respect almost more than any man. And of that number I trust that you reckon me. It is a grief we cannot speak not to be spoken of -- & yet not grief when a good one like you/ man "resigns that earthly load "Of death called life that us from life doth sever" & passes into the Immediate Presence of Almighty Truth & Love -- We must not think of ourselves but of you I pray Him whose blessings are only limited by His Love which is Infinite to speak heart to heart to His faithful servant whose own career on earth has been a following of the highest life. I know what are the depression & suffering of body & mind are in long illness is -- by you so patiently borne -- Would that I could do anything in the least degree to mitigate these for a friend thro' long years so esteemed, so loved, & who has done such great things for us! But that is denied me. And I fear you are not able to see your many, many friends who would so love to see you -- But you can say: And yet I am not alone, for the Father is with me. May He bless you -- & He will bless you. He does bless you -- He speaks to you in these -- He speaks in many ways to us: in success, in failure, in inspiration to do His work -- but in none more directly & lovingly than in pain & weakness -- Our weakness is His strength -- While sorrowing for our loss which however much expected always comes as a heavy blow at wish last I bid/wish you a joyful Christmas there where Glory to God in the highest & good will


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