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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to T.G. Hewlett, December 20, 1888] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Dec 20, 1888

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 Signed LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO T.G. HEWLETT ESQ., DECEMBER 20, 1888, TYPED WITH ADDITIONS MADE IN PEN 10 South Street Park Lane 20th. Dec. 1888 My dear Sir I do rejoice and bless God that your Doctor gives such an entirely favourable account of you. I now send you the names which you ask for of the Army Sanitary Comm- members: Major General Sir Redvers Buller (Quarter-Master General; ex-officio President) Sir Douglas Galton Dr. Sutherland Colonel Locock. R.E. (Deputy Inspector General of Fortifications) Colonel Yule (Member of the Council of India) Sir J. Fayrer (President of the Indian Medical Board) Sir Robert Rawlinson (late of the Local Government Board) Surgeon General Reade (Army Medical Dept. Secretary J.J. Frederick (Office: Inspector Gen. of Fortification Division War Office I received your letter late last night and I took counsel upon it this morning. I am told that it is "quite useless" for you to call on any Member of the above at the War Office, except Sir Redvers Buller. < If you desire to call on the most likely person to help you, let it be Sir Ralph Thompson. You know he is Permanent Under-secretary at the War Office. He would be the most likely person to be able to do something. AS regards Ahmedabad, I am told no reference to the Commission would be of any service now as it is in abeyance. By the Secretary of State for War's or rather by Sir Ralph Thompson's instructions to the secretary Mr. Frederick, it does not meet now; but I am trying to have the India Office urged to do what you propose about Ahmedabad. Would you kindly send me your address when you move go to Harrow? You have not forgotten that the Army Sanitary Comm: is not re-constituted; but great efforts are being made to bring this about. The result is in the hands of God. May God bless you: in haste ever faithfully yours F. Nightingale Excuse my scrawls T.G. Hewlett Esq.


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