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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to C.B.N. Dunn, April 4, 1881] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Apr 4, 1881

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 SIGNED LETTER FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE TO C.B.N. DUNN ESQ., PEN AND PENCIL [6:629-30] No 2 4/4/87 My dear Sir I am very much obliged to you for your letter & Acct. I am greatly concerned to hear your report of poor Jane Allison. Please keep your eye upon her: I know you will. I trust you do not think that she will have to be removed. A sort of very light charwoman's place would be, I suppose, the best thing for her. If Miss Julia Smith goes to Lea Hurst this spring, I will ask her to take her on. In the meantime, if you approve & could kindly arrange with any one like Mrs. Luke Alsop to employ her & bear with her out of charity. I would gladly pay the charwoman's wages for Jane [I am always in dread lest she should end her days in the Asylum.] People will hardly bear with her. You know of course that that man, Cotterell, removed his poor little daughter, Patty, from that good place you & Mrs. Swann found for her. Mr. Wildgoose most kindly refused, at my request, to take her on at the Mill. And the man has put her to some Mill near Bousal. I understand that this bad man complained that Mr. Wildgoose gave him hard & ill-paid work, as a reason for taking away Patty -- whereas I know for a fact that Mr. Wildgoose, in order not to turn him off, tried him at any work he could or would do & paid him well for bad work. They are a woful family. Is the little girl Platts come home? I am afraid Jane Allison is waiting & reckoning for when Mr. & Mrs. Shore Smith may come to Lea Hurst. I am obliged to leave off: so will only enclose a note written before yours arrived. Why does not Mrs. Thompson drink Cocoatina as you ordered. Mrs. Bratby has a fresh supply to dispense.[end 6:630] ever faithfully yours Florence Nightingale CBN Dunn, Eq


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