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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, June 19, 1873] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jun 19, 1873

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 A.40 Signed letter from Nightingale to Madame Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated June 19/73 [8:585-86] 35 South St.xJune 19/73 Park Lane W. Dearest Madame Mohl It makes me joyful, so that I could sing a `Te Deum', in the midst of all my cares that M. Mohl is again `clothed' & on `his right' knees God bless him & you! I am going to write to him about his Shah who entered London yesterday with a splendid State procession in a pouring rain & a fog (June 18) so that I could neither breathe nor see. But I have not one moment to-day. & only write to sing an Ode about M. Mohl who is more worth than many Shahs & to thank you for writing & to be glad that you are coming. Yes: I think Mr. Tit must come. Else how am I to raise up kittens for you? -- I am very sorry Miss Eleanor has to bring `an Elephant' for me. But I could at least easily send for him to Charing X, if I knew the hour. If M. Mohl does not come to England till July, & Lady William shd fail him, I hope he will come here. The Drawing= rooms are being fitted up for my mother -- who leaves on the last day of June -- and M. Mohl who I suppose ought not to go up-stairs shall sleep there. [I never come out of my bed room now.] ever your old Flo No: M. Mohl, you did not write "from your bed" before But you have written now. And -- very thankful I am. What a very queer world this is we live in -- if M. Reuter owns the `Shah of Shahs' -- the `Son of the Sun' -- It is as if Pickford owned the Pope. The whole world & his wife here are on their knees to get Tickets for the Ball at Guild hall tomorrow night to the Shah. -- I was asked; & went on my knees too (in a letter) to that estimable functionary, the Lord Mayor, to get my Tickets transferred to a rising young Surgeon (& his wife) whom I have made Medical Instructor to my Nurse=School -- in which I succeeded. No doubt that (not very) estimable functionary, the Shah, will have his mind improved by seeing how fine we can be at our `Self- governing' Centre! The printed Cards of directions sent me as to how to get my Carriage within 100 miles of Guild/hall would have been enough for the German armies to surround Sedan!


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