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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, June 18, 1875] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jun 18, 1875

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 A.43 Signed letter from Nightingale to Madame Mohl, Pen and pencil, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated June 18/75 & additions dated June 25/75 at end of letter [8:587-88] Upper Norwood June 18/75 Dearest Madame Mohl I am glad & sorry to hear that you are at Hastings (St. Leonard's) -- sorry that you are alone: but you are always a host to yourself= of course you are finishing your book. I am `out of humanity's reach': in a red Villa like a Monster Lobster: a place which has no `raison d'être' except the raison d'être of Lobsters or Crabs: viz. to go backwards: & to feed & be fed on: in charge of my Mother. by Doctor's orders, as her only chance of recovering strength enough to see once more her old home (Lea Hurst) after which she cruelly craved. Here she is happy: happy at least as compared with her miserable unhappiness in London. Stranger vicissitudes than mine in life few men have had: vicissitudes from slavery to power: & from power to slavery again: -- it does not seem like a `vicissitude' a villa at Norwood: yet it is the strangest I yet have had. It is the only time for 22 years that my work has not been the first reason for deciding where I should live: & how I should live. Here it is the last. It is the caricature of a life: Dearest Madame Mohl: this letter begun, the moment I received yours, has been lying by me a week. If I try to finish it, I shall never send it. We are here, & Miss Irby is with us (you ask where she is) at Abbotsleigh Church Road Upper Norwood S. I. We are so crowded that we cannot even ask a friend to sleep a great, great grievance: Miss Irby sleeps in the study: the Housekeeper in my room: & 3 Servants in lodgings. Please write, if you are so good as to write, to 35 South St: And if you could make use of that house when you are in London, I should be so glad. I have had a charming letter from M. Mohl: but have no strength to answer it Could you send him this? God bless you: } ever your my dear, dear friend} old Flo June 25/75


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