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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, September 14, 1877] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Sep 14, 1877

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 PARTIAL DRAFT/LETTER/COPY FROM FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE to Mary Clarke Mohl, NO SALUTATION, SEPTEMBER 14, 1877 PEN [8:589-90] Address 35 South St. Park Lane London W. Sept 14/77 My heart -- and a very sad heart it is -- is always with you, dearest friend -- with you & with him who is gone before us -- You say truly that no one loved him -- or I believe understood him -- more than I. And my thoughts of him strengthen every hour. Thanks for sending me that old letter: how I wish I had more. Indeed I think of you as having lived with two such men as M. Mohl & M. Fauriel. But what a glorious life to have known two such men. And how few have it. You ask what I am doing: My mind is full of the dying Indian children, starved & lying by the roadside dead or torn by dogs -- by hundreds of thousands -- from conditions which have been made for them -- in this hideous Famine: there has been no calamity like it for a century: We can manufacture any Death-rate we please for English children who certainly can do nothing to make their own conditions -- & what is worse still we can manufacture a `rate' of brutal savages: as we do in London But nowhere do we see this terrible law as in India: where the people are the poorest in the world, the most industrious in the world, & yet are wholly dependent on Government & Government works. At this time when England is -- really almost for the first time -- thinking powerfully about India, we must seize the opportunity. The Governor of Madras (the Duke of Buckingham) & the Indian Secretary of State (Lord Salisbury) have been proprio motu in correspondence with me about Irrigation & Water Transit: & about Madras Drainage, which has been pending for 20 years. But, tho' people wait to drain & to water, they do not wait to die. John Bright made a powerful speech at Manchester yesterday upon water for produce and for transit. But some one should now get up an agitation (as Mr. Gladstone did for Bulgaria), in all this country for India which shall say to the Government, 'You shall.' If we had given them water, we should not now have to be giving them bread!


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