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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Julius Mohl, June 21, 1873] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jun 21, 1873

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 A.41 Signed letter from Nightingale to M. Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated June 21/73 [8:586-87] 35 South St.June 21/73 + Park Lane W. My dear M. Mohl -- 10,000 thanks -- -- I was so very glad to receive your letter this morning -- but sorry that the poor knee has been put to do what he was not up to. I cannot find a moment to write to-day -- but will write soon to your solitary Highness -- & only write now to say that my Messenger (a Commissre in the Corps' dress) shall be at the Charing + Station on Monday to meet the Tidal Train at 5 p.m. Perhaps he may be able to help Madame Mohl with her luggage, unless she is met from the Deanery. At all events, he will be able to relieve Miss Eleanor of the cat, M. Tit. I am so very sorry not to be able to offer Miss Eleanor a bed here, tho' I dare say she has plenty of beds in London. I am immersed in such a torrent of my Trained Matrons & Nurses, going & coming, to & fro Edinburgh & Dublin, to & fro Watering-places for their health, -- dining tea-ing, sleeping -- sleeping by day as well as by night. But that would not interfere with you if you would come. -- since I shall keep the Drawing room bed rooms, after I have fitted them up for my mother, open for you. I will write about `metal more attractive'-- something more worthy of yours -- but am now in great haste ever yours gratefully F. Nightingale


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