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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Julius Mohl, September 9, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Sep 9, 1870

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 A.24 Signed letter from Nightingale to M. Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated Sept 9/70 [8:579-80] Lea Hurstx Matlock Sept 9/70 Dear M. Mohl We are so very sorry to hear of Mme Mohl being so poorly, who was not thought well when she was here. I was in hopes she would have been better when "the beast" was "kicked out" -- (tho' little vantage shall we gain thereby -- it seems -- as John of Gaunt said) -- but she wrote to me she should "die" if he were not. We trust that she will soon be better. I write by the orders of my superiors, too glad to execute them -- to beg & pray that you will come here, when, how, & as, it may be most convenient (or least inconvenient) to you. Pray don't disappoint them. My father tells me that he has asked you in all manner of ways already -- so I say no more but just to repeat: please don't grieve them. As for me, it was really a comfort to me to read your letter -- strange sort of comfort, you will say! -- yes, but it is -- "il n'y a que la raison qui ne fatigue pas √† la longue" -- And I am so weary of unreason -- the baseness & frivolity of the English about this War -- the frantic ambition of the Prussians, their desire of military despotism & their real subserviency to Bismark, not a bit different in effect from (if you read for "Prussians") the French, (& for "Bismarck") the beast -- tho equally frantic imprévoyance of the French, caring only for joy at having sent away the Emperor, & not thinking of what they have to put in his stead. Who was it who said: ah if I had been God, I would not have made the world! -- (I am much of that mind myself.) In all this unutterable woe & horror of misery which closes round this poor world now [the Guillotine of the Great Revolution was merciful compared to this] when, as you say, the conditions which Prussia may demand -- urged by the popular clamour which Bismark himself has raised -- can but bring about a disastrous universal European war -- preceded by a disastrous universal armed peace -- in this European convulsion of misery -- to say nothing of how the whole European civilization (if such a word as civilization is not as far off, as out of place now as heaven would be) would be altered by Prussia's military preponderance -- the baseness & frivolity of the English -- in all excepting the grabbing together of £100,000 & more for the Wounded. (which is very fine --) our low mindedness that one of the meanest features of the whole -- But, do you know, I had rather be poor MacMahon than our Secretary for War, Cardwell You talk of `Intendance' corruption, short comings & mal practices? -- Do you know ours? -- But I must stop -- Say `God bless you' again -- that does me good -- And God bless you -- dear M. Mohl ever yours Flo The more I hear, the more I admire Germany & her unheard=of sacrifices, the less I admire Prussia, who has placed herself as a God on the Altar for for them to adore -- & the more I detest her free translation of `German nationality', which she reads as: -- Prussian military supremacy.


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