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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, September 13, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Sep 13, 1870

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 A.25 Initialled letter from Nightingale to Madame Mohl, Pencil Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated Sept 13/70 [8:589-81] Lea Hurstx Matlock Sept 13/70 Dearest Madame Mohl Now you are a sensible person -- I have written to my maids to prepare the little Drawing-room for your bed-room -- the bigger for your sitting-room -- the bed-room (above mine) for M. Mohl. If you go up with only a day's notice, please write to Mrs. Legg 35 South Street Park Lane London W. & announce yourself. But, if there is time, please write to me -- & let me give the order -- merely because I think I can make you more comfortable. The maids will ask you exactly for their your orders, of course, when you are there. And I think my little cook makes very good beef-tea & soup &c. How I wish I could recommend you a Doctor. I could name to you, of course, a dozen "well known for stomach complaints." but then I think what you want is somebody who will see to your every-day regimen & not give Medicine. And that is just what English Drs. say they do -- & just what they don't do -- And you would think they made you worse. My dear -- there is nothing I wouldn't give life would be nothing to give -- to hasten a possible peace even by one moment -- Christ weeping over Jerusalem is nothing to this terror & great crowded misery of the march upon Paris -- Why, God Himself must be standing "weeping" before Paris -- But I assure you that our Government is not backward -- You know they are no friends of mine -- "Their tameness is shocking to me" But they are waiting to mediate--They will seize an opportunity. [Thiers is supposed to be in London to-day -- to treat.] No private person, no Queen can do any thing. As for her being at Balmoral, as a mere matter of feeling, I think it is intolerable. But, if our Government can do anything, urge anything, mediate anything, as a Neutral Power, in consultation with Thiers [-- Ministers are responsible to Parliament, not to the Queen -- our Sovereign is nobody, in an affair of this kind --] depend upon it, they, the Ministers, will do what they ought, what they can, -- with the Queen, if there is time, -- without her, if there is not. [I am writing to the Crown Princess to-day, (in answer to her letters & telegraphs,) & have said all I can -- But no Crown Princess, no Queen, no private person can do anything -- And if I had not been writing, I should not even have thought of her --] Many thanks for Bart. St. Hilaire's most striking letter -- true to the letter. I will forward it, as desired. The "Captain" is gone down -- with 500 men -- And Reginald Herbert, Sidney Herbert's boy -- (my boy, as they always called him) -- such a noble, gallant lad -- the very flower of the flock. -- a promise of Sir Philip Sidney -- is lost with her His mother (Lady Herbert) lying dangerously ill at Wilton -- they cannot tell her. A little later would be better for me to see M. Mohl here (in answer to your question.) But, if he can come, my time will be his -- (for a few minutes) -- let him come when he can -- God bless you ever yours F.


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