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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Julius Mohl, August 31, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Aug 31, 1870

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 A.23 Signed letter from Nightingale to M. Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated August 31/70 [8:578-79] Lea Hurst x Matlock August 31/70 Dear M. Mohl It is an unutterable relief to hear that you are safe in South St. What earthly good to stop out a Siege & a Revolution in Paris for a sensible man? I should never forgive myself for that passage in your letter to Mme Mohl where you say that you will have to run about London looking for some "good Samaritan" to take you in, if I were not sure that I had written to Madame Mohl, begging & praying that you would look upon 35 South St. as with its door wide open whenever you would come in. As it is, it does not signify -- since, the Verneys being in London, their house is much less dull than mine. But, please, I have written to Mme Mohl that, if not -- at 32, you can always be taken in at 35. (& she too -- as she knows.) But, as she has played me false once, I think it better to write to you direct too. I will write to my maids. I will not speak about the War tho' I think of nothing else. To me who have seen & tasted of War & the horrors of it -- who have seen the men forming silently, silently, every night to go to the trenches (in the Crimean War), & felt for each party: 10 or 20 will not come back -- 40 or 50 will only come back to be laid on the Hospital boards boards. & to think of this multiplied ten fold & a hundred fold in all its numbers & in all its horrors. Oh let no one think they can taste what war is from letters & from newspapers -- they must have seen what it is to conceive the unutterable misery, ghastliness, hideousness of the thing! -- And to me who have seen the poor Tartar women & children come down to the shore at Balaclava starving, not knowing where to go -- to think that now there are thousands & tens of thousands of civilized people like ourselves in that plight -- I say, like the D. de Broglie -- it is the end of the world! -- The only good thing I have heard is that you are out of Paris -- ever yours F. Nightingale etxx [`etxx' is written in another hand]


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