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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, August 18, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Aug 18, 1870

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 A.21 Initialled letter from Nightingale to Madame Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated Aug 18/70 [8:576-77] Lea Hurst x Matlock Aug 18/70 Dearest Madame Mohl I cannot help writing again to thank you (in returning by "return of post" M. Mohl's letter). One gets so frightened that it is a relief to know it is no worse. But how can things be worse? After the fighting come the miseries of the poor people. And a victory is only less dreadful than a defeat. It is some sort of refreshment to me though to hear M. Mohl talk of "Bismark's crime of 1866". England does talk such intolerable `bosh' about this Prussia. Now, if you take all the great names in science, in literature, in metaphysical & religious philosophy, in art, of the last 80 or 90 years in all Germany, will you tell me how many of these came out of Berlin? Yet the higher civilization is to be subjected to the lower. And England is to rave about Prussia. Of those two men, L. Napoleon & Bismarck which is the worst? Is it not Bismark? `the blacker devil he' -- and oh that we cannot say of any man in either side -- `& the more angel he' -- The world is darkened indeed -- We have sent Surgeons at their to both Belligerents at their earnest request. One of our great London Surgeons took out the party to Metz -- He says: "the Emperor has not 10 days to live." But I was told this with the greatest secrecy. x (as we swear in our Surgeons to give no x and it may not be true. information relating to either combatant of any sort -- not to write to the newspapers -- or to write at all except to us to tell what is wanted). I cannot help sending you more papers of "Lists of Articles" wanted in case your nieces will work for us. And, if they will send them to their friends & get up Women's Committees, (I will send plenty more) to collect these Articles & contributions in money, even the smallest sums? These Hospital materials are asked for urgently on both sides -- Enough cannot be sent. There were 2 miles of dead & wounded after one battle. After another, {a "trifling engagement") the Prussians had 40 000 dead & wounded. Make these facts known. Both sides call upon us for help in sending them Hospital supplies -- Let everything be sent to the Storekeepers 2. St. Martin's Place Trafalgar Square London W. C. And when all is done for the Wounded, there remain the starving wives & widows, orphans & children & old people. I collect for the "Victoria Stiftung" at Berlin. It is for these. Port & sherry & Liely's essence of meat are asked for for the Hospitals -- & money -- money -- money I can think of nothing else I am sure that God had better bring the world to an end! --[end 8:577] yours, how much yours F.


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