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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, August 16, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Aug 16, 1870

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 A.19 Initialled letter from FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE to Mme Mohl, Pen Handwritten [8:574-75] 35 South Street, [printed address] Park Lane, W. My dearest Madame Mohl You can't think what a relief it was to me to see this letter -- or how good it was of you to send it. Do send any other. As for feeling pleasure in any thing, that is impossible. You know I have a sort of connection with the Intendance at Paris -- I hear what tallies exactly with M. Mohl's account: pillage & dishonesty of it beyond all description-- cause of the terrible failure of everything in the organization at the Army -- stores, ammunition, clothing, guns, everything falling short. false muster-rolls of Battalions -- men returned at 900 strong -- who never were more than 500. [inserted from opp page]: {and this, my dear, is what would happen at our War Office if we were to go to War -- which God forbid -- except that ours is incapacity, not pillage --} {But Paris absolutely quiet. I have not a minute. For the last month I have been writing war-business as long as I could hold pen or pencil. Never, never, if I live an eternity, would I undertake this kind of thing again. not because it kills but because it kills, body & soul, for nothing. Tell M. Mohl if he comes to London in Sept. to go to my house (address above). 35 S. St. I have not a minute to answer your last dear letter -- but will by & bye -- only this, I never had the letter from you "offering to come". But, my dear, I could not see my dearest friend, & chiefly not my dearest friend for a month. Don't you understand? -- I will write again. Please write to me. I never saw my mother better in all her life. ever yours F. Lea Hurst Matlock. Aug 16/70


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