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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, August 17, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Aug 17, 1870

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 A.20 Initialled letter from Nightingale to Mme Mohl, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated Aug 17/70 [8:575-76] Lea Hurst Matlock Aug 17/70 Dearest Mme Mohl I cannot help writing again to thank you for M. Mohl's letter & to ask for more news. Mme Canrobert you probably know her -- (don't tell me she is a nasty woman -- for she is a splendid administrator) at the head of the `Society for Sick & Wounded' at `Palais de l'Industrie' at Paris is doing wonders. Among other things, they have actually sent out at their own expence 3 Field Hospitals complete, with Surgeons, Infirmiers, Aumôniers, Stores, 300 beds each, to the Seat of War -- costing each £10 000, and £1000 a month keep -- --while we are doing so little besides mismanagement, at our Sick & Wounded Aid Socy.' -- we can scarcely be said to exist at all except to mismanage -- Could not Miss Eleanor Martin help? -- I enclose `Lists of Articles' which the French & Germans ask us for. These should be collected & sent with as little delay as possible to the Office & Stores of the Society 2 St. Martin's Place Trafalgar Square London W. C. We want Ladies' Committees all over the country, to collect money, even the smallest sums, & send it (& these `Articles'){in right margin, on photocopy to 2 St. Martin's Place .written in another hand}: We are vehemently asked for Franco-Prussian these things & for Surgeons war from both Belligerents. And Requests from we are getting a little ship Both Belligerent shape -- have agents -- with& agents on both both sides & the Societies of sides Berlin & Paris, who tell us what they want. And we transmit things direct to these Societies -- who are working splendidly & have direct communications with all the Seat of War Hospitals. You will have seen us advertised in "Times" & "Daily News." O that I could go to the Seat of War to work, instead of all this writing, writing, writing! Mme Henri Mallet, of Paris, do you know her? -- has written to me to "rédiger quelques pages" of Réglement for her Deaconesses & Infirmières starting for the frontière. And I have done so. So has the Crown Princess of Prussia asked for nurses. I enclose (but I don't think it very well done) the "Notes" of our Society. Please let Miss Martin make us known as much as possible among people who will work for us -- I could send you more papers to her. She does not know any surgeons who would volunteer. does she? -- We have sent out 12 -- to Metz -- & the Prussians -- & another party starting -- ever yours FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.[end 8:576]


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