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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, May 7, 1870] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 May 7, 1870

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 Signed letter from FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE to unknown, Pen, Handwritten [8:573-74] 1870 35 South Street, [printed address]May 7/70 Park Lane, W. Dearest friend I must "seize the pen" -- or I never shall write at all. Every day of this week it has been on my mind to thank you for your great kindness upon the matter of Miss Jowett & the translating M. d'Haussonville's book. But Mr. Jowett won't authorize me to trouble you at all. [He distrusts his sister's powers perhaps a little -- he does not like to get you & M. Mohl into a troublesome negotiation with Levy -- he is none the less grateful to you. &c &c [I would have gladly paid any money to Lévy there was to pay, if that had been all.] But he won't engage us in the business no how, perhaps as I think doubting whether any engagement might be fulfilled at this (his sister's) end. So you are to understand that he is none the less grateful to you (-- & to M. d'Haussonville, if the latter has been willing.) but gratefully declines. But surely the articles published in the Revue des 2 Mondes came down to a later date than the 4 Vols. I read the Articles every word. They brought the story down to the time Pius VII leaves France on his return to Rome. I only looked at the 4 Vols cursarily when I sent them to Miss Jowett -- but it appeared not to bring the story down to so far as the breaking up of the Napoleon Church Council at Paris. (But that may be my mistake.) I will take care to ask particularly whether in the Diplomatic Service it is thought essential that an Ambassador should not know the language of the country to which he is accredited. Of one thing I am certain:--that it would be an essential improvement to the Government & Indian service of this country if all the officials did not know how to read & write. (Else we shall come to a dead lock) I should make it a condition, a sine quâ non in Civil Service Examinations, that the candidates should not know how to write, at least. My hand is so bad that I am essentially in the condition of not knowing how to write, except in pencil. So I must stop. I shall look forward to seeing you this summer & also M. Mohl. Please tell him so & thank him for his so kind & interesting letter I have got the Articles, & some great photo lithographs, of the Sistine on purpose to read them properly with the pictures in consequence of your recommendations. There's enthusiasm for you. (Montégut's on the 2 Mondes I mean) [conclusion on the first page of the letter, written sideways] God bless you, ever, dearest, yours F. Nightingale


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