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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Mary Mohl, March 14, 1871] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Mar 14, 1871

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 A.28 Signed Partial letter/draft/copy from Nightingale--no salutation Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, dated March 14/71 Very many thanks for sending me M. Mohl's letter -- (returned inside.) I shall feel very anxious to hear again, if you are so good as to let me. ==== [2. Don't forget to tell Miss Smith of Oxford that she must give you back "Mrs. Tit" (the cat) if you like to take her (the cat) to Paris. And I will give you a kitten as soon as I have one -- ==== 3.] If you see Lady William Russell, could you kindly ask Mr. Odo whether he would be so good as to name some one at Rome who would receive & deliver letters from the nuns in London whom he (Mr. Odo) once protected to a Monsignor de Bése at Rome -- -- I paying the postage. [There is a new Regulation at the Foreign Office, and a very good one -- that no letters are to be sent thro' the F.O. bag except to diplomatic people. But I don't ask anything of the Foreign Office.] These nuns were re-instated here in their rights mainly by the instrumentality at Rome of Mr. Odo Russell, this Monsignor de Bési & the Portuguese Ambassador -- at Rome. They the nuns say: their letters don't reach Mons:r de Bési. & ask me to get them the freedom of the F.O. bag. to Rome. That I can't do -- But, if Mr. Odo Russell would kindly name some one at Rome to under cover to whom I might forward their letters post-paid & who would deliver them to the Monsignor, I should be truly obliged. Excuse this trouble. How much I think of Paris -- of your return -- of M. Mohl. God bless you -- ever your old Flo Embley -- Romsey March 171 


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