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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Sir Edwin Chadwick, October ?, 1863] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Oct 31, 1863

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 A.8 Incomplete initialled letter from Nightingale to Chadwick, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, [arch: October 1863] II. India Sanitary question I have sent a paper on this point to the Edinbro' Meeting. But I am afraid it will be read in the Sanitary section. I have answered generally Sir C. Wood's point accusation about the Statistics. He did not say that our "69 per 1000" annual Death rate was exaggerated. He only said that it vibrated round that number in different years. & that in some years, it was much less. This was in fact admitting it. And then he said war was the cause of the excess -- not from I enclose wounds -- but from disease -- which was, in fact, again admitting our statement, provided his averment were correct, which still has to be proved. As you will see by a statement of mine which I enclose. Part of its substance, not all, is in my paper. But if you take a part in the discussion, which I hope you will, you may like to have these facts before you. ----------------------- I have ceased to take in the Examiner because 1. it has done its little all to help to ruin St. Thomas' Hospital's chance of a good site 2. it never took any notice of India Sanitary matters till Saturday week when, after Crawford had been much poked by M. Mohl, he gave an article reproducing all the old fallacies, which, if they were true, the R. Commission might as well not have been. fLORENCE NIGHTINGALE


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