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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Sir Edwin Chadwick, June 5, 1863] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jun 5, 1863

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 A.6 Initialed letter from Nightingale to Mr. Chadwick, Pen, Handwritten by Nightingale, Dated Jan 5/63 [Above Letterhead] I hope you are better. 32, South Street, [printed address] Grosvenor Square. W. Jan 5/63 Dear Mr. Chadwick Many thanks for your kind letters and for your "Address." The Lancashire distress must stand first now in all minds -- And therefore I only mention two of my own concerns to you, now, in answer to yours. 1. I have sent (to the Athenaeum) a copy of my Indian papers (with woodcuts) for you, & one for Mr. Mill. Please remember & remind him (tho' it seems impertinent to say so to two such distinguished officials) that it must be strictly confidential till the Indian Blue Book is laid on the table of the Ho: of C. 2. It is really despair= giving to see the obstinate & interested ignorance of the news= papers, about St. Thomas. One says "Of course the brains of a Hospl must be the Medl Staff." Of course it must be a Dr. who writes, Of course, if the Hospl cook were writing, it would be, "the brains of a Hospl must be the head=cook." Or if a Nurse, "the Matron." -- The real truth being that the brains are just in the collision of all these authorities, Medical, Administrative, Nursing Governing. But I should like to know what great Sanitary improvement Medl men would have made, by themselves? And the two worst Hospls I know in the world, Edinburgh & Vienna, are exclusively managed by these "brains," the Medl Staff. Yours ever fLORENCE NIGHTINGALE


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