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[Letter, Florence Nightingale to Julius Mohl, June 13, 1859] Nightingale, Florence, 1820-1910 Jun 13, 1859

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 A.2 Signed letter from Nightingale to M. Mohl Pen Handwritten by Nightingale Dated June 13/59 [5:81] 30 Old Burlington St London W June 13/59 Dear M. Mohl You will wonder at being bothered again so soon -- Do you remember the trouble I gave you about the Compte Moral Administratif & afterwards about the Hospital Forms. These latter are mentioned proposed at P. 2 (in a Note) of a little book of mine called "Notes on Hospitals" (which is only a re-print, done not by me but by Parker, of some papers of mine) I have mentioned the French Hospitals of Lariboisière & Vincennes with so much praise, tho' not so much as they deserve, that Hospital reformers in England have thought the Académie Impériale de Médecine (is that the name?) might review it -- which review would then be copied in our Medical papers & produce some reform in our Hospitals. Also that the note at P. 2 might possibly awaken attention to Hospital Statistics. Our Registrar General means to propose the F comp draw up Forms according to that Note, & propose them at the next European Statistical Congress which is to be held in London -- Parker (the Publisher) is going to send you 3 copies of the said tiresome little book. Don't you give yourself trouble about it -- unless you are yourself interested in the subject & think it will do good & above all, unless you are not too much overworked. ever yours F Nightingale


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