UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 63-543


C14 Coregonus sp. (2 skeletons); C14 Coregonus sardinella (in 2 jars) (2 heads, 1 skeleton); C6 Raja binoculata 1 (260 mm); C47 Zaprora silenus 1 skeleton; C64 Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus 1 (179 mm); C64 Ulca bolini 1 (161 mm); C66 Podothecus acipenserinus 1 (145); C67 Liparis gibbus 1 (135); C67 Careproctus spectrum 1 (120); C67 Eumicrotremus orbis 1 (44); C80 Lycodes p. palearis 1 (250); [handwritten note on stuck to page:] the 9 dark-typed entries [referring to R. binoculata and all subsequent specimens] evidently were added to the wrong field record. Most species do not occur here.

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