UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 60-124


C40 Centropomus unionensis Bocourt (1); C40 Lobotes pacificus Gilbert (Tag 5546) Tank 6 (1); C46 Citula dorsalis (Gill) (1); C50 Pomadasys panamensis (Steindachner) (2); C50 Orthopristis chalceus (Gunther) (2); C44 Polynemus approximans Lay & Bennett (2); C46 Vomer declivifrons Meek & Hildebrand (3); C46 Chloroscombrus orqueta Jordan & Gilbert (1); C52 Cynoscion reticulatus (Gunther) (1); C52 Nebris occidentalis Vaillant (2); C52 Micropogon altipinnis (Gunther) (2); C52 Bairdiella ensifera (Jordan & Gilbert) (1); C44 Chaenomugil proboscideus (Gunther) (2); C49 Lutianus guttatus (Steindachner) (4); C44 Polynemus opercularis (Gill) (2); C46 Hemicaranx leucurus (1); C28 Tylosurus fodiator Jordan & Gilbert (3); *[strikethrough] Cyclopsetta Querna (Jordan and Bollman) (3 in Drum 18) *Sent to National Museum of Canada

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