UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 61-484


C80 Lycodes brevipes [handwritten note] 3 to U of Man. (33); C80 Lyocdes diaptera (39); C80 Lycodopsis pacificus (37); C61 Sebastodes caurinus (1); C61 Sebastodes diploproa (1); C64 Chitonotus pugetensis (3); C54 Cymatogaster aggregatus (3); C38 Lepidopsetta bilineata (2); C38 Parophrys vetulus (1); C38 Lyopsetta exilis (3); [strikethrough] C38 Microstomus pacificus (1 in drum 18) [handwritten note] N. Mus. Can.; C66 Bathyagonus nigripinnis (2); C66 Xeneretmus latifrons (13); C66 Asterotheca alascana (11); C33 Meluccius productus (2); C79 Poroclinus rothrocki (1); C14 Spirinchus starksi (7); C79 Lumpenus sagitta (15); C79 Lumpenus sagitta (3); C11 Engraulis mordax (3); C73 Porichthys notatus (1); [strikethrough] C80 Lycodopsis mandibularis (3); C80 Lycodopsis pacificus (1); C80 Lycodopus mandibularis[?] (3) TK 2/8/72

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