UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 61-126


In with the fish market collection are two small serranids which were taken by hook and line in Acapulco Bay - same date. ; C49 Xenichthys xanti Gill (1); C10 Sardinella thrissina (Jordan & Gilbert) (1); C46 Peprilus snyderi Gilbert and Starks (1); C52 Menticirrhus panamensis (Steindachner) (1); C58 Parapsettus panamensis Steindachner (1); C46 Palometa palometa (Jordan and Bollman) (1); C50 Pomadasys panamensis (Steindachner) (1); C46 Elagatis bipinnulatus (Quoy & Gaimard) (1); C46 Salene oerstedi Lutkin (1); C46 Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus (1); C38 Achirus fonsecensis (1); C40 Epinephelus labriformis (Jenyns) (2); C40 Dermatolepis punctata Gill (1); C43 Pseudupeneus grandosquamis (1); C46 Peprilus palomela (1); C46 Oligoplites altus (2); C46 Selar crumenopthalmus (3); C46 Chloroscombrus orqueta (1); C39 Trinectes fonsecensis (Gunther) (1)

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