UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 60-518b


Chaetodontidae: 1. Holacanthus [blank underline] 3 specimens; Muraenidae: 1. Gymnothorax --, 2. Gymnothorax --; 3. Gymnothorax sp. sight record (olive brown no pattern); Holocentridae: 1. Holocentrus suborbitalis; Mugilidae: 1. One specimen?; Pricanthidae: 1. Priacanthus cruentatus?; Pomacentridae: 1. Abudefduf sp., 2. Microspathodon [blank underline] Azure blue with 2 white spots, 3. Microspahtodon? sp. Yellow forsally[?], blue ventrally, black softdorsal[?] ocallus, 4. Pomacentrus sp. yellow young with black soft dorsal ocellus, 5. Pomacentrus sp. brown young with yellow edged P.; [note with bracket pertaining to Pomacentridae:] See next page [probably referring to B.C. 519b]; Labridae: 1. Thallasoma lucasanum, 2. Pseudojulis; Halichoeres, 3. several juveniles - almost clear but not either of above ~1/2", 4. Sight record on T. lutescens; Cirrhitidae: 1. Cirrhitus rivulatus, 2. Cirrhitichthys corollicola; Blenniidae: 1. Ophioblennius steindachneri, 2. Scanthichthys atlanticus?, 3. Entomacrodus chiostictus may be 2 spp.; Serranidae: 1. Rypticus bicolor, 2. Epinephelus labriformis; Acanthuridae: 1. Prionorus sp, 2. Striped tang[?]; Gobiidae: 1. Lythrypnus[?] zebra; Trypterygiidae: 1. Enneanectes? sp. 26; Scorpaenidae: 1. Scorpaenodes sp.; Tetraodontidae: 1. Tetraodon sp. 1 spotted, 2. Tetraodon sp. 2 striped [illegible entry]; Gobiesocidae: 1. Tomicodion sp, 2. Gobiesox sp.;Antennariidae: 1. Antennarius? Sp

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