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UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 60-514b


[heading:] Tentative species list; Clinidae: Paraclinus, Malacoctenus (4 spp?), Labrisomus 2 spp?; Blenniidae: Ophioblennius steindachneri, Entomacrodus chiostictus, Ogilbia; Emblemaniidae, 5 or 6 spp.; Puffers: Tetraodon, Holocentrus suborbitalis, Cirrhitus rivulatus, Abudefduf trochelii; Pomacentridae 4(?) species, 1 brown black w/ no dots, 1 blue w/ 2 white dorsal dots, 1 blue dorsal, orange ventral, soft dorsal ocellus, 1 blue dorsal, orange-red ventral, no ocellus, cherry red anal + pelvic fins, first anal tips edged in black; Muraenidae: Gmnothorax --, Muraena lentiginosa; Ophichthyidae: Ophichthus --; Labridae: 1. Thallassoma lucasanum, 2. Thallassoma lutescens, 3., 4.; Gobiesocidae, 3 or 4 spp; Trypteryjiidae[?]: 3 spp; Gobiidae: read head, broad-green banded goby[?]; Branchiostoma; Serranidae: Rypticus nigripinnis, Petrometopon panamensis; Mugil young; Atherine young; One Iniistius-like fish, ~3 1/2" gill [illegible note in margin], probably Xyrichthys sp. very rare; also misc. special fishes in 8 oz jar; Xanthus[?] Cape San Lucas [illegible]

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