UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 60-28b


C45 Diapterus peruvianus (Valenciennes) [handwritten note:] NMC (5 in 2 jars); C50 Anisotremus dovii Gunther [handwritten note:] NMC (1); C50 Brachydeuterus axillaris (Steindachner) [handwritten note:] NMC (2); C50 Conodon macrops HIldebrand [handwritten note:] NMC (1); C50 Pomadasys macracanthus (GUnther)[handwritten note:] NMC (1); C50 Anisotremus orthopristis Breder [handwritten note:] Specimens? 2/74 (1); C48 Trichiurus lepturus LInnaeus [handwritten note:] NMC (2); C45 Gerres cinereus (Walbaum) [handwritten note:] NMC (1); [strikethrough:] C38 [correction:] C39 Achirus fonsecensis [handwritten note:] specimens (3); C24 Felichthys pinnimaculatus [handwritten note:] NMC (1); C46 Caranx hippos [handwritten note:] NMC (1); C52 Stellifer chrysoleuca [handwritten note:] NMC (2); [handwritten entry:] C48 Trichiurus nitens NMC; [entry struck through:] C6 Rhinoptera steindachneri; C39 Achirus mazatlanus (Steindachner) (3)

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