UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 60-31b


C38 Ancylopsetta dendritica (1); C40 Centropomus robalito Jordan & Gilbert (7); C65 Prionotus ruscarius Gilbert & Starks (7); C52 Isopisthus remifer Jordan & Gilbert (4); C52 Micropogon altipinnis Gunther (1); C52 Umbrina xanti Gill (1); C6 Urotrygon sp. (2); C10 Opisthopterus dovi (Gunther) (6); C6 Narcine vermiculatus Breder (2); C46 Oligoplites refugens? Gilbert and Starks (4); C48 Scomberomorus maculatus Mitchill (1); C44 Polynemus approximans Lay & Bennett (1); C44 Polynemus approximans? Lay & Bennett (1); C46 Selene brevoorti (Gill) (1); C44 Mugil curema Valenciennes (2); C49 Lutianus guttatus (Steindachner) (3); C30 Synodus scituliceps Jordan & Gilbert (3); C87 Sphaeroides sechurae ? Hildebrand (1); C87 Sphaeroides annulatus (Jenyns) (5); C87 Sphaeroides lobatus (Steindachner) (1); C24 Felichthys panamensis (Gill) (3); C38 Cyclopsetta querna (Jordan & Bollman) (3); C38 Syacium ovale (Gunther) (5); C10 Opisthonema bulleri Regan (1); C31 Muraenesox coniceps Jordan & Gilbert (1); C31 Ophichthus zophochir (2)

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